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On Strength and Having the Courage to Kick Ass


Maria Askew is a director, performer and teacher. She is Artistic Director of Superbolt Theatre and School of Fish Theatre in Education Company.  We all thrive in safe, peaceful environments where affection and generosity is reciprocal and in abundance. In these nurturing spaces it is easiest to be the happiest, funniest, sparkliest versions of ourselves. I wish for everyone to…...

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Co-founder of The Quarter Club, Saskia, muses on this Quarter’s new theme [DECISION] and the biggest decision she’s been faced with to date.


DECISION. What a loaded word and one that has plagued me since I was a kid. Perhaps it was being branded as ‘indecisive’ early on that informed my increasing inability to make coherent, measured (oh bugger it, ANY) decisions without having a mini melt-down - or perhaps it is just a part of my personality. Either way, I’m under no illusion…...

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The wonderful Pri Burford on why "perspective is essential for satisfaction" When I was a girl, I could really stare. My family used to travel up to London on the weekend: it was my dad’s idea of a break from his sedentary work in sleepy suburbia. We’d come home late and- this being the early 80s- the technology available to…...

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Why we all need to PLAY

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WHY WE ALL NEED TO PLAY Katharine Drury offers up advice about the importance of using a good ol' moan as an instigator for action, and chats about her recent experience doing just that in her collaboration with PLAY. Katharine is a writer, actor and an associate artist of PLAY, a theatre company that offers up a completely new approach to new…...

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On Satisfaction and Work


ON SATISFACTION AND WORK Maria Askew offers The Quarter Club advice on satisfaction and work, based on her own discoveries as a self-employed artist. Maria is a performer, writer, teacher and director of Superbolt Theatre. She is currently a visiting lecturer at London Metropolitan University and is developing Superbolt’s award-winning show Dinosaur Park, which opens in London in January. ADVICE…...

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Maria Askew, artistic director of Superbolt Theatre talks to TQC about collaborative working, having the courage to be vulnerable and ‘faffing’

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Maria is Artistic Director of Superbolt Theatre and a freelance actor, director and teacher. She is based in London and works in the UK and internationally. Tell us about you – what motivates you? Other people. My company is run collaboratively which means we create our shows as an ensemble and also make company decisions collectively. This is a challenging…...

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Pri Burford’s Questionings #2: Jealousy

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Continuing in her 'Questionings' series exclusively for The Quarter Club, Pri unpacks the notion of Jealousy to consider the positives... I’m addicted to watching The Hollywood Reporter roundtables ( These are videos of Actors, Directors, Writers, Composers and Showrunners- even Agents- who are sitting around a table (see what they did there?) and talking about their work. There is one…...

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