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WELL HELLO THERE, Welcome to The Quarter Club 

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We are THE QUARTER CLUB – a network aimed at fiercely ambitious, creative women. We began from a point of frustration: on being fed negative dialogue surrounding our age, our so called ‘Quarter Life Crisis’, our choice of careers, our gender, our bank balances… YADDA YADDA.

Times of transition, uncertainty and change (= any kind of creative or freelance career EVER) are too often branded as crises. This, and the fact that many of us who freelance or work in the creative industries don’t have an HR system or obvious ladder to clamber up, can leave you feeling a bit out on your own. No matter what age you are. And we’ve had just about enough of it.

We knew we were surrounded by brilliant women doing brilliant things so why aren’t we chatting about THAT? So THE QUARTER CLUB was born, a place to change this negative dialogue into something positive and empowering, and to create a space for women to converse, collaborate and support each other. A place to reach sideways as well as up. Often with a healthy dose of Prosecco.

Every Quarter we host a different theme kicked off by one of our incredible Salons and then fill the months after with skills based workshops, Supper Clubs and more brilliance than you can shake a stick at.

Our first Quarter Club theme was Courage – which we launched on 20th April @ Bar Topolskicheck out how it went here

On July 28th the theme shifted to Balance. The Salon was at Bar Topolski and was another absolute sell-out. We know you wanna hear some more about it- well have a read here 

And we are excited to announce that our next theme is going to be … SATISFACTION. This one is all about getting what you want, and being happy with it. Stay tuned for news on the release of tickets for the big, beautiful Salon …

So JUMP IN, join us here or in person at an event near you soon and if near is actually pretty far keep in touch – we’ll be expanding around the UK soon.