Our launch parties to introduce the new Quarterly theme – with a healthy balance of conversation, inspiration and Prosecco

SALON #5 [POWER]  09.01.17

So, 2016. You’ve really kept us on our toes, alright? Let’s face it, it’s been a year that’s left most of us feeling like we’re up shit creek without a paddle (or a boat for that matter), so it’s time to take back a bit of control and start 2017 a’fresh with a new QC theme that we think is more timely than ever.


On the 9th of January we’ll be launching our Salon #5 around the theme of POWER.

We’ll be kicking off the New Year by taking a look at the positive aspects of that oh-so-loaded word. We want to explore the importance of collectivism and community as a force for empowerment and positive social change. In the harsh light of the Donald Trump ‘reality’ – which is a genuine blow for women’s rights worldwide  – we feel like, now more than ever, positive examples of female sisterhood are vital.

Set to be our biggest (and bestest) yet, Salon #5 also marks a big ol’ step up for us as we move into a new home: The Vaults. The Quarter Club is all about the POWER of getting a roomful of women together, so we think it’s time to make that room bigger than ever for a theme that we reckon is the most important we’ve ever had.

The set up is the same as before (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). Tickets include the usual fare: a free glass of prosecco or a non-alcoholic tipple and nibbles, plus a whole lotta beautiful gifts from our sponsors. Now don’t say we don’t treat y’all. Our last events have been rip-roaring SELL OUTS and we hate turning yous’all away so please do buy your tickets in advance – we really want you there.

As ever, we’re inviting a handful of remarkable women to come and speak for five minutes on our theme as a clever way to kick-start the conversation in the room (no stuffy Q&A’s here thank you very much). And we’re SUPER excited by the women we’ve got fronting our line-up this time around:

AYESHA HAZARIKA / @ayeshahazarika – MBE, Former Labour Advisor, Political Commentator, Comedian

SIMRAN HANS / @heavier_things – Freelance writer, Researcher and Film Programmer

PRIYANGA BURFORD/ @priyangaburford – Actor and Writer (and former Salon #1 [Courage] speaker… we can’t get enough of her!)

– CARLY-JAYNE HUTCHINSON/ @FocusE15 collaborator, politIcal theatre maker, punk singer and activist

PIP JAMIESON / @Pip_Jamieson – Founder of The Dots – a Creative Network

BELLA YOUNGER (aka Deliciously Stella)/ @bellayounger – Comedian and Writer

inc a performance on the night by singer/songwriter FRAN LOBO // @franlobomusic & comedy punk band SH!TS!CK

The increasingly popular SPEAK EASY will also be back, where anyone can decide to get up and speak about the theme, or something they feel passionately about. You can either sign up on the night, or book yourself in ( to guarantee a slot to get your voice out to the network.

Since we want to make sure 2017 starts off right, we’ll be announcing a whole lot of exciting twists and turns over the next few weeks. SO STAY TUNED and, amidst all that glorious Christmas indulgence, get you and your sistas booked in NOW.



SALON #4 [DECISION]  26.04.16


Courage: to actually bloody do the Quarter Club.

Balance: to make it work alongside our other projects, work, families and friendships.

Satisfaction: seeing it grow and make a difference in people’s lives.

The first three themes of the Quarter Club are something we’re immensely proud of – and they neatly track the journey of the network over the last year…But it all started with one thing. A decision. A decision to do something.

And bloody heck, that’s easier said than done isn’t it! Decision is one of the biggest causes of stress in modern life. From deciding to walk away from a secure job you secretly loath, to choosing what to wear on a first date – decisions are scalable and they’re everywhere. Yet somehow we so often find ourselves in a tizz about what to do.

Our 4th Quarter Salon on 26th April 2016 was dedicated to the Decision: from long-term strategies to impulsive acts, we took a close look at the things we do to instigate change in our lives.

Our 4 speakers for the night included:

– CARIAD LLOYD / @ladycariad – Actress, comedian and panel show regular
– ALICE MAYOR / @MayorAlice / @w_b_t_c – Founder of ‘We Built This City’
– CORRINA ANTROBUS @corrinacorrina / @BechdelTestFest – Founder of The Bechdel Test Fest
– EMMA GANNON @GirlLostinCity – Founder of Girl Lost in City Blog, IRL Panel and soon to be published author

Photos and Videos from the night coming soon !!



Oh, hello you.

So after the roaring sell-out successes of Salon #1 [Courage] and Salon #2 [Balance] we were back in January with our BIGGEST, BESTEST Salon to date…[SATISFACTION]. What better way to start a BRAND SPANKING NEW 2016 than focusing in on what really gets us going, and figuring out how to harness it so we can grab this New Year by the HORNS. Oh and it was also our BLOODY BIRTHDAY. Yes, that’s right, the Quarter Club has turned one, and it only seems right to celebrate in the only way we know how:  a night of inspiration, conversation and Prosecco with all of our favourite women.

Speakers included:

– MALLIKA BASU @MallikaBasu_ // The incredible chef, columnist and all round wonder woman Mallika chatted all things Satisfaction + Food. In her own words: “Live life, Love Indian food! I’m passionate about cooking delicious and fabulous Indian food as part of a busy, everyday life”

– JO CRUSE @Jo_Cruse // Thinking about taking a big leap and changing careers/lifestyle/…everything? Well Jo Cruse is just the woman to come and hear speak. Jo will be chatted about Satisfaction and Adventure- with real exciting adventures coming in 2016. Oh, and she’s a bloody charmer.

– NANCY HONEY @nancyhoney // @100ladyleaders // We fell in love with Nancy’s  work 100 Leading Ladieswhich catalogues influential senior women in Britain, each photographed in a space close to their heart. This was the first thing we purchased when we set up The Quarter Club as a daily source of inspiration.

– EMMA PARKER @PlayfulPromises //  There is no way we could cover SATISFACTION without talking Sex, and Emma Parker founder of Playful Promises did just that. We have long admired this super sexy, fun brand and what they’re all about is right up our street.

We opened the evening with a live performance from the incredible Tootsie Rollers who welcomed guests on arrival, and our Speak Easy room was back and busier than ever.


Photos by Bo Nawacharee

SALON #2 [BALANCE] 28.07.15

Oh, hello you.
After Salon 1 [Courage] sold its bloody socks off and everyone had a great time, we came back fast for round two. DING DING. The theme of our second Quarter, to carry us through the summer, is [BALANCE]. Juggling multiple jobs, sometimes not being paid enough to do the things you really want to do, trying to find space for friends, family and the things in between…jeeze. This Salon is all about managing to strike that ever elusive work / life balance. Easier said than done though eh? Let’s just get in a room together and talk about how we make it work.

As with Salon #1 [Courage], we hand picked some inspiring, wonderful woman to kickstart the conversation about Balance. We were over the moon that this month we will be joined by:

– LUCY MANGAN / @LucyMangan – Guardian columnist, Stylist columnist and Author
– CAROLINE GOYDER / @CarolineGoyder – Author of Gravitas and Founder of The Gravitas Method
– TEGA OKITI / @TeGaOkiti – Event producer at BFI, film curator and founder of Salt N’Pepper cinema
– BROGAN DRISCOLL / @Brogan_Driscoll – Senior Lifestyle Editor at Huffington Post UK
– LYNNE PARKER / @FunnyWomenLynne – Founder of Funny Women and Journalist

After the speakers, we opened up #SpeakEasy room & Quarter Clubbers signed up on the night for one of our 5 minute slots to talk about Balance, and anything else on their minds. IT WAS BRILLIANT, and we will be doing this again at Salon #3.

Our partners in crime, AESOP, provided some beautiful, complimentary treats for us all. We also had tasty goodies from EMILY FRUIT CRISPS, DOISY & DAM chocolate bars, and Sibberi Birch Water. YUM!


Photos below by Marita Upeniece

SALON #1 [COURAGE] 20.04.15

We’re still buzzing from our launch Salon #1 [Courage]. On top of being a total absolutely bloody SELL OUT (HURRAH), the beautiful Aesop provided gifts for attendees and we’ve been inundated with tales of new connections, features and jobs that have come out of the evening. Our ethos is about reaching sideways as well as up and as one of out attendees told us after: it was like getting a giant hug from a bunch of women you really want to be friends with. Bring it in.

We had 6 incredible speakers:

Missed out? Check out the absolutely fabulous Katie Brennan’s blog post all about it.

You can also read the script of Pri’s beautiful closing  speech on courage here.



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