When Jo and Sas were first coming up with the idea of The Quarter Club they hosted 4 supper clubs over 2 weeks where they invited women from their own networks who didn’t know each other round for dinner. The aim of the supper clubs were to act as a sounding board for what The Quarter Club could be, to try to spark new connections and to get through the crate of wine they had been lured into buying by a snazzy newspaper Ad . They learnt three things:
FACT # 1 Food is the perfect conversation starter
FACT # 2 Something pretty special happens if you put a bunch of brilliant women in a room together
FACT # 3 Sometimes there isn’t enough time to cook a good meal after work and the cheap plonk comes in very handy
Each supper club we showcase a female run food pop up which will BLOW YER MIND. Prior to the night we will send over a few things to think about and come to the table with. That’s it. So come, share food, stories and skills.




Want to cook for us and the network- get in touch