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Saskia Roddick

Saskia completed her BA from Warwick University in 2009 and then went onto study Acting at Drama Centre London, graduating with her MA in 2011. Since then she has toured all around the world performing, mostly, classical work. Including ‘Macbeth’ around Japan and Europe, a UK tour of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ around Europe. Alongside the classical work she was a founding member of the physical theatre Lecoq inspired company Curious Directive whilst studying at Warwick, and has performed at ‘The Park Theatre’ & ‘The Old Red Lion’. She also recently co-wrote, produced and starred in ‘Bali’ a comedy short film. She has survived times of resting with voice overs and commercials- no better opportunity to get put in a box: disenchanted lawyer/ tired mother- if you’re wondering.

Saskia has tried her hand at every job under the sun in pursuit of entertainment/rent money. This has included a brief stint in  Asset Management (still no idea what this is), to dog-sitting, to murder (mysteries). She is passionate about feminism, Mexico and raisins. Herself and Jo are also proud to be able to perform every song featured by George Dawes in Shooting Stars on demand. They can also sing Shewolf in Spanish.