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We are THE QUARTER CLUB – a leading network for creative, ambitious people who identity as women & gender non-binary.

By the time we reach our mid-twenties, there are lots of social pressures around the idea of ‘having your shit together’: you need to have your career sorted, be settled into a conventional relationship, own a nice car and a comfortable home, and maybe even some savings in the bank. Watch any mainstream advertising slot on TV, and that’s what we’re being sold: mortgages, dating sites, nice cars and holidays.

But all of these ‘lifestyles’ are being marketed to a generation who have grown up with the internet which has opened up the notion of ‘choice’ to the next level and has changed our modes of living. Us millenials are so-called ‘job-hoppers’. Many of us are skilled at juggling five or six jobs. The idea of a single career narrative (that many of our parents experienced) has been replaced by the ‘portfolio career’. And it’s exciting! But damn it’s also stressful when society’s expectations haven’t caught up!

This societal discord can make us feel uncomfortable and lost, but when you begin to make connections with people experiencing similar dilemmas, it can be incredibly empowering. This is what we have tapped into at The Quarter Club: a place to change this (often) negative dialogue into something positive and empowering; a space for women and gender non-binary people to converse, collaborate and support each other; and an opportunity to do all this in real life.

The IRL bit is the thing we think is vital. So much of our personal and professional time is spent online connecting through heavily curated personal narratives, digital snapshots and 140 character limits. This ability to self-brand is part of what facilitates a portfolio career, and of course it’s valuable! But we also need spaces where you can enjoy nuance and authenticity without the glare of a screen or an Instagram filter. Making time for IRL encounters, and building off-line networks, is for us, the best tonic.

And this is what The Quarter Club is all about!

We are open to all people who identify as female / gender non-binary, who work and/or think creatively. It is a space to reach sideways as well as upwards for inspiration – a space to be authentic and to share stories, ideas and creativity.

Every Quarter, we host a big beautiful Salon on a particular theme. So far we’ve had Courage, Balance, Decision, Satisfaction & Power. We then fill the months in-between with skills based Quarter Labs, Speak Easies and Pitching Parlours.  We are led entirely by the needs of the network, and we’re always open to hear about your ideas for new events / projects.

So JUMP IN, join us here or in person at our next event and if near is actually pretty far, keep in touch.



Saskia Roddick

Saskia completed her BA from Warwick University in 2009 and went onto study Acting at Drama Centre London, graduating in 2011. Having worked across theatre/tv/film since, she set up The Quarter Club with Jo when the woes of freelance life came to a head in 2015. This was coupled with a desperate need to spark creativity (continually being type cast and the ‘resting jobs’ of dog sitting, asset management & general office BS never quite cut it) and basically hang with her best pal, under the guise of ‘bizness’.

She is currently working with the exciting tech start-up Mush (the number one app for parents in the UK), managing the Community and Marketing programmes around the UK- connecting mums together to combat the staggering statistics on loneliness in motherhood. Alongside keeping the newest member of The Quarter Club HQ alive (baby Noa) she is passionate about spaces that nourish female empowerment, Mexico and the Neopolitan Novels. Herself and Jo are also proud to be able to perform every song featured by George Dawes in Shooting Stars on demand. And they bloody love to be asked, just try ’em.


Jo Duncombe

Jo is a film programmer & curator. Currently she is the Curator & Creative Producer at Birds’ Eye View Film – an agency that advocates for the female perspective on film. Before that, she was a film programmer at the Independent Cinema Office in London – the UK’s leading organisation for the development and support of independent film and exhibition in the UK. At the ICO, Jo programmed multiple independent cinemas and curates touring seasons in collaboration with the BFI – most recently an India on Film programme. She is a curatorial consultant for the London Short Film Festival, where she was programme Director from 2014 – 2016, and the UK film programmer for the Victoria International Film Festival in Canada.

In 2015, Jo co-founded The Quarter Club with her best pal Saskia. After years of friendship, and multiple ‘bizness meetings’ where they would discuss how great it would be to work together – they finally hatched a plan to build real life spaces for inspiration and collaboration. Besides being the godmother to Saskia’s little one – Noa – The Quarter Club is her greatest passion.