Salon #6 [LOVE]


We are excited to announce our new quarterly theme is L O V E

We want to explore the role of L O V E in our lives – not just romantically, but in all the relationships we nurture with others, and with our selves. We believe that herein lies a potential revolution… a radical overhaul of the patriarchal notion that sensitivity (to ourselves and to others) is a weakness. In the words of the great bell hooks: “To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships, not just romantic bonds.” (All About Love: New Visions). To allow Love into our lives – across all the avenues we tread – is perhaps the bravest act of all and we want to explore its potential.

The Salon will be the same set-up as before (if it ain’t broke dont fix it). Tickets include the usual fair: a free glass of prosecco or a non-alcoholic tipple and nibbles, plus a whole lotta beautiful gifts from our sponsors. Never say we don’t treat ya. Our last events have been rip-roaring SELL OUTS and we hate turning yous away so please do buy your tickets in advance – we really want you there.

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As ever, we’re inviting a handful of remarkable women to come speak for five minutes on our theme to kick start the conversation in the room (no stuffy Q&A’s here thank you very much). And we’re SUPER excited by the women we’ve got fronting our line-up this time around. In our first wave of speaker announcements are the brilliant:

[ L I V  L I T T L E] >

Editor-in-chief of the exceptional gal-dem zine // insta @livslittle // tw @livlittle

[N A O M I  S H I M A D A] >

Multiplatform story-teller, model & TV presenter //insta @naomishimada // tw @naomishimada

[D O L L Y  A L D E R T O N] >

Journalist, writer, podcaster & director // tw @dollyalderton // insta @dollyaldterton 

[G A B B Y  E D L I N] >

Founder of Bloody Good Period // tw @doublebeewhy // insta @hellogabbye

The increasingly popular SPEAK EASY will also be back, where anyone can decide to get up and speak about the theme, or something they feel passionately about. You can either sign up on the night, or book yourself in (jo@thequarterclub.org) to guarantee a slot to get your voice out to the network.


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