Salon #6 [LOVE]


October 2nd saw the launch of our sixth Quarter, exploring the many colours of L.O.V.E.

“To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships, not just romantic bonds.” (bell hooks. All About Love: New Visions).

The room was packed, the conversation flowed and we had an amazing night! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us 💛

For those who couldn’t make it, our amazing speakers explored themes including: the value of our female friendships and giving them just as much weight as romantic ones; loving ourselves (in real terms, not just faddy mindfulness chats);  how the love we give others can transform love within ourselves; the complications of loving complicated people, and what we can learn from them; and the importance of loving within our communities and beyond, to build a better world.

The evening was captured by the amazing photographer Mariana Feijó – check out more of her gorgeous work here and keep in touch with the latest: @marianafeijo

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Our speakers for the night were:

[J E M M A  D E S A I] >

Film curator and Founder of I am Dora // insta @iamjemmadesai // tw @dorabyjemma

[ L I V  L I T T L E] >

Editor-in-chief of the exceptional gal-dem zine // insta @livslittle // tw @livlittle

[N A O M I  S H I M A D A] >

Multiplatform story-teller, model & TV presenter //insta @naomishimada // tw @naomishimada

[D O L L Y  A L D E R T O N] >

Journalist, writer, podcaster & director // tw @dollyalderton // insta @dollyaldterton 

[G A B B Y  E D L I N] >

Founder of Bloody Good Period // tw @doublebeewhy // insta @hellogabbye