Lab #1 [CODING] The Basics


On Tuesday 22nd March we kicked off the first in our Quarter Lab series honing in on our TECH SKILLS with a partnership with Decoded. For us it seemed like a pretty smashing place to start, as honestly, it’s an area where we feel COMPLETELY out of our depth- and it turns out, we’re not alone. Plus, side by side our branding is clearly meant to be (both got a lotta love for the yellow) ?


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Lab #1 Coding The Basics

It’s becoming increasingly important for the creative or freelancer to get some kind of handle on the world of coding and try and master that big world wide web. And, let’s be straight, when you’re starting up you don’t always gots the time or the benjamins to outsource your projects to someone else. So when Decoded stepped up offering the chance to demystify the digital world we jumped at it and so did the Network.

We were honoured to be joined by the CEO and all round wonder woman Kathryn Parsons who kicked off the night with a chat about the Decoded journey thus far and the importance of getting a handle on coding. So with the Prosecco flowing (come on, it’s a Quarter Club event after all) and our sexy Decoded notebooks in hand, we launched in.

Led by the glorious Luuk and Nicky from team Decoded, in a mere hour and a half we learnt about the formidable Ada Lovelace– the world’s first coder- we mastered algorithms and got hands on with html, ending with coding our own apps (impressive right!). The night truly opened up the world of tech and revealed it’s not insurmountable. And actually, it’s REALLY creative- we’re not so worlds apart all. Fuelled with a whole lot of Prosecco courage we left with big plans for website and app designs and now we’re left with a serious case of the coding bug. Watch this space.

For all information on Decoded visit their website here and get your asses to one of their coding classes. Now. Seriously. Go