Lab #2 The Women Who Shaped Politics [Sophy Ridge Book Launch]


As part of our [Power] season, we were honoured to team up with Sky News to host an evening with the celebrated Sky News Presenter and political broadcaster Sophy Ridge to launch her new book: ‘The Women Who Shaped Politics’.

2016 was a year of big political change and unexpected curveballs; when we launched our Quarter on Power with Salon #5 at the start of 2017, we set out to investigate how women can come together as a collective to create a force of power in the face of social instability and injustice.

To work with Sophy and the Sky Team on this book is the ideal fit for our season on Power. Her focus on the legacy of female achievement in the political arena, spanning from the 17th century to the present day, aligns perfectly with our focus on celebrating the power of female voices in the world.

You can buy your copy of THE WOMEN WHO SHAPED POLITICS here.

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Taking place in the Miranda space in The Ace Hotel, the evening will incorporated an inspirational talk on Power, a panel with Sophy, vignettes from her book and the usual Quarter Club set-up of free-flowing food, drink, conversation and music. The Quarter Club is committed to supporting the work of its network at our events, and we were over the moon to have flowers provided by the extremely talented Clemmie James of Theatre of Flowers.

We also had delicious, specially designed meringues from The Meringue Girls, treats from our long-time faves Aesop and fuel for the brain from the lovely Emily Fruit Crisps.