Salon #2 [BALANCE]


Oh, hello you.

After Salon 1 [Courage] sold its bloody socks off and everyone had a great time, we came back fast for round two. DING DING. The theme of our second Quarter was [BALANCE]. Juggling multiple jobs, sometimes not being paid enough to do the things you really want to do, trying to find space for friends, family and the things in between…jeeze. This Salon is all about managing to strike that ever elusive work / life balance. Easier said than done though eh? Let’s just get in a room together and talk about how we make it work.


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As with Salon #1 [Courage], we hand picked some inspiring, wonderful woman to kickstart the conversation about Balance. We were over the moon that this month we will be joined by:

– LUCY MANGAN / @LucyMangan – Guardian columnist, Stylist columnist and Author
– CAROLINE GOYDER / @CarolineGoyder – Author of Gravitas and Founder of The Gravitas Method
– TEGA OKITI / @TeGaOkiti – Event producer at BFI, film curator and founder of Salt N’Pepper cinema
– BROGAN DRISCOLL / @Brogan_Driscoll – Senior Lifestyle Editor at Huffington Post UK
– LYNNE PARKER / @FunnyWomenLynne – Founder of Funny Women and Journalist

After the speakers, we opened up #SpeakEasy room & Quarter Clubbers signed up on the night for one of our 5 minute slots to talk about Balance, and anything else on their minds. IT WAS BRILLIANT, and it is a concept that continues at each of our Salons, and also is has its own spin-off event space at Ace Hotel.

Our partners in crime, AESOP, provided some beautiful, complimentary treats for us all. We also had tasty goodies from EMILY FRUIT CRISPS, DOISY & DAM chocolate bars, and Sibberi Birch Water. YUM!