Salon #4 [DECISION]


Courage: to actually bloody do the Quarter Club.
Balance: to make it work alongside our other projects, work, families and friendships.
Satisfaction: seeing it grow and make a difference in people’s lives.

The first three themes of the Quarter Club are something we’re immensely proud of – and they neatly track the journey of the network over the last year…But it all started with one thing. A decision. A decision to do something.

And bloody heck, that’s easier said than done isn’t it! Decision is one of the biggest causes of stress in modern life. From deciding to walk away from a secure job you secretly loath, to choosing what to wear on a first date – decisions are scalable and they’re everywhere. Yet somehow we so often find ourselves in a tizz about what to do.

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Salon #4 Decision


Our 4th Quarter Salon on 26th April 2016 was dedicated to the Decision: from long-term strategies to impulsive acts, we took a close look at the things we do to instigate change in our lives.

Our 4 speakers for the night included:

– CARIAD LLOYD / @ladycariad – Actress, comedian and panel show regular
– ALICE MAYOR / @MayorAlice / @w_b_t_c – Founder of ‘We Built This City’
– CORRINA ANTROBUS / @corrinacorrina / @BechdelTestFest – Founder of The Bechdel Test Fest
– EMMA GANNON / @GirlLostinCity – Founder of Girl Lost in City Blog, IRL Panel and soon to be published author

Photos and Videos from the night coming soon !!